At Villarroel Torrico we structure the open space simultaneously with that of the solid volumes, allowing the natural open space to take the lead both informing while acting within the limits of the built open space.

The architect carves and molds the space, the void with its construction, enclosing the chaotic volume of the air, ordering it, and returning it to a human scale. In this now domesticated open space, the architect can organize and introduce the natural components of the sun, the air and the landscape.



The main task for the right success in this craft is to suit oneself to the TECTONIC language of the place in which one works.

 Provide that place the necessary flexibility to be interpreted in various ways. Considering that in architecture there are no heritages but discoveries, conquests and affinities. Adapting the new Technologies and interior design where the heights and materials seem transfigured in the presence of light.

 The real luxury is to enjoy that knowledge. The extreme luxury is therefore the union of perfect mastery of that language, norms, rules and principles together with the exquisite inspiration and experience to make these discoveries, conquests and affinities a tangible reality. It is that natural respect everyone, regardless of culture and condition, feels when confronted with a work that imposed on us a moment of appeasement. Then you can overlay it with the style and personality you want.



The degree of complexity in the development of real estate projects is growing daily and therefore the demand for a more accurate planning methodology: less deterministic and myopic and more sustainable and holistical. Now you need to integrate more conditions, requirements, regulations and interests in a real estate development than ever before. The development process becomes even more complex as more time it demands and more people and stakeholders are involved and  more interconnections and relationships with the environment are needed.

 These complex situations require new system tools that can help us to challenge and control this complexity. From the very beginning of any action or estate planning we take into account the strategic planning of the whole development. We have to identify as soon as possible the sensitivities in the system we are working in and on in order to establish the appropriate levels and guides for a more intelligent use of energy and materials and thus a more successful and viable project.



At Villarroel Torrico we believe that one can interact with nature, not by only following its guidelines from its study, but also by substantially modifying the green space it in order to improve its interaction with the architecture. The existing and added vegetation is the form giver of the open space, and acts like an intermediate space, complementing architecture without altering it.

We understand the building not only as a container of social life but also as container of the surrounding landscape life. In all large scale residential developments we try to design the built structure so that it doesn´t occupy more than 25% of the total land surface, allowing the use of the rest for open spaces enhanced by landscape design.